Risk consulting

Tailored solutions for assurance and value creation in a changing world

Technological change and deep transformations present new and unknown risks, but also new opportunities to create value. In today’s volatile and ever more complex business environment, companies need to have confidence in their governance, risk management and internal control processes. At Mazars, we equip our clients with the knowledge, techniques, and solutions to anticipate and respond to critical challenges. We understand that firms need to be able to seize new opportunities in a quick and nimble fashion. This is why we build tailored risk management frameworks, systems and controls that are the right fit for our clients to steer them towards future success.

Our approach

We are proud of our track record in building client business resilience. We believe companies with solid risk management processes and risk registers are better able to meet the demands of customers, regulators, investors, employees and directors. With operating environments constantly shifting, we work with our clients to ensure they have the ability to spot emerging risks and to address shortcomings.

We do not believe that a ‘one size fits all’ risk management approach is the best way to protect long-term performance and innovation. That is why we take the time to understand our clients’ sectors, priorities, culture and customers before building a suitable team. Get in touch with us to get the most out of your financial risk management or operational risk management.

Third party risk management & assurance

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Effective oversight and assurance for your extended enterprise

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Regulatory compliance

4.2.3 Regulatory compliance.jpg
Helping you anticipate and react to an evolving regulatory environment

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IT assurance & advisory

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Build trust with a robust approach to technology, processes and controls

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Internal control

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Improve your response to risks with effective systems and controls

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Internal audit

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Protect your strategic vision through a dynamic approach to internal audit

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Helping you create a resilient framework and culture that keeps you a step ahead of uncertainty

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Enterprise risk management

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Embed a risk management culture into your business strategy

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Cyber security & data protection

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Build technological resilience so you can operate with confidence

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