Power BI reporting​

Implementation of Power BI reporting system for quick decision-making in business​

Our approach

Based on our experience, the traditional business reporting system often falls short in meeting the needs and demands of management, both current and future. To ensure that key stakeholders receive the right information at the right time, we facilitate the analysis of current business results, the comparison of actual performance with historical data and budgets, and the identification of potential reporting process deficiencies. Our approach emphasizes the necessity for a modern, accurate, secure, efficient, user-friendly, and cost-effective reporting system.​

As a foundation for such a system, we recommend the following steps:​

  1. Enhancing the existing business reporting system by redefining financial and business reports for management, transitioning from manual data processing to automated processing, and setting new reporting deadlines.​
  2. Implementing a specialized tool for executive and financial reporting, including the introduction of a user-friendly local business reporting tool for monitoring and analyzing entity and business activity profitability.​

In line with these requirements, we provide advisory services for improving the management's financial and business reporting system by implementing a business reporting model in Power BI.​

How we can help

  • Implementation of reporting system​
  • Analyzing the existing system and identifying deficiencies​
  • Enhancing data analysis efficiency​
  • Interactive information visualization​
  • Automatic report updates​
  • Quick and easy access to information​
  • Improving the accuracy and reliability of reporting​​