Interview with an intern Todor Nenadović

Mazars gave me a new perspective into the world of finance - the internship was challenging; but i would come back again.

A young fourth-year student of the Faculty of Economics, Todor Nenadović, full of positive impressions, ends his two-week internship experience at Mazars. He told us that it was challenging to do things that he only heard about in college, but positive experiences, wonderful colleagues and understanding of the tasks that were put in front of him, only confirmed that finance is his life's calling. Maybe in Mazars, who knows... 

A little hastily, he drinks his first morning coffee with the other Mazars colleagues in the office in Belgrade, trying to fit in and pick up as much knowledge as possible in a short time. He tells us that he has already passed all the exams in the field of Economics and Finance and that he only has practice left so that he can graduate. 

"My current ambition is to enroll in the master's program in Quantitative Analysis, majoring in economic analysis in business and management, at the Faculty of Economics to improve my knowledge and then, upon completion of the program, to look for a job." says Todor. 

When asked what kind of impressions he has, what is the most valuable thing that he got during the two-week internship, the future economist answers: "I had a great time at the internship. I got a whole new perspective than I expected. The most valuable thing I gained during this two-week internship was work experience and how things really look at work. I spent most of my time in the audit sector. I haven't gone through all the sectors yet to see what exactly I would like to do, but I would definitely plan to return to practice at Mazars once again, but this time for a little longer.“ 

We ask him what kind of knowledge he applied to tasks at Mazars? 

"It depends specifically on the segment in which I received assignments. "Seeing that the course I finished was mainly based on "general knowledge" from economics, it was not as difficult as I expected to learn some things that I was doing, at least at the moment, from tax and audit." says Todor. 

Praktikant Todor Nenadović

What was the most challenging and what was your favorite task? 

"The most challenging, specifically, was that first step forward when you encounter completely new things that you did not deal with much in the course of studies, but it was interesting for expanding your own knowledge and gaining work experience, says Todor and adds that his favorite task is everything he went through during the two weeks. 

Finally, we asked him what his future plans are and whether he would recommend an internship at Mazars to colleagues who are students - what can we offer them? 

"My current plan is to enroll in a master's program at the Faculty of Economics in order to expand my knowledge. I would recommend an internship at Mazars to everyone. When it comes to what to recommend to them, I don't have a concrete answer, since a large number of colleagues are from different fields, but regardless of that, I would recommend them to try an internship here. I give this rating based on the personal impression I got here. I personally did not do an internship in other places, due to time constraints around the faculty and private reasons, but based on the stories of my colleagues, what kind of impressions they got in other companies or institutions where they did an internship, I would like to see if it would be different for them here", concludes Todor Nenadović.