Tax advisory

Advisory services are comprised of a wide spectre of services described below. In close cooperation with the client we bring forward your business processes in line with legal compliance and framework. Tax advisory, as a central advisory service, helps you navigate more easily through a large number of local and international tax regulations.


The reason for commissioning a tax advisory is the formal requirement of a taxpayer who has a question of applying tax rules to a planned, future or already performed tax-relevant transaction or activity. The result of the tax opinion is the interpretation of the provisions of the tax laws as well as the EU directives that have been applied in similar (same) business situations. Based on the legal framework, we give our opinion regarding the proper tax treatment of a particular business transaction. 


Even though sometimes considered the simplest tax, in reality, personal income tax is one of the most complicated taxes, which is especially true in case of earning higher income, or earning income abroad. 

We help with the preparation of income tax return statement, interpreting your resident status, or assist you with writing tax complaints or appeals.


Tax review is a service designed to identify the most significant tax savings and tax risks in the company. The purpose of the tax review is to prepare for the potential supervision of the Tax Administration.

We are warning about the tax risks found, the legal provisions that result from tax risks and suggesting how to reduce or eliminate the tax risk.


Transfer prices are prices paid in transactions between related parties and are of a significant international tax issue. Companies operating with international and domestic related persons have to make a study on transfer pricing, in accordance with the requirements of international as well as Croatian tax regulations, to argue and prove the market conditions under which services between related persons are charged.

Our services include analysis of group TP policies, advisory related to TP optimisation for MNE Groups, and preparation of masterfile and local files. 


Understanding the company’s historical tax compliance and tax structure is crucial to assessing the viability of the transaction and the structure of the acquisition.

Some of the key tax compliance areas are Corporate Income Tax, Personal Income Tax, Withholding Tax, and VAT, Transfer Pricing. We report our findings and indicate any tax contingencies and risks and flag any areas for tax savings and any tax planning opportunities.

Tax due diligence is often combined with tax planning services.


Tax planning or tax optimization is the search for an ideal tax structure that will reduce the tax expenditures of the Client's company, which is especially applicable to international structures.

Frequently asked questions are:

  • What is the tax rate in each country?
  • What are the limits of dividend and profit sharing payments?
  • Will dividends and the payment of profit shares be subject to withholding tax?
  • What is the regulation of transfer pricing?
  • Are there incentives for investment?